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Titel: BMW R 71 ......
Beitrag von: Илия am 16 März 2015, 10:41:37
Hello, my name is Elijah and live in Bulgaria. Last year I bought a motorcycle BMW R 71 with first registration of 28.12.1940, as a man who took it from me said that this motorcycle was driven by a German soldier during World War II and a number of chassis and engine can understand even soldier who had to manage this motorcycle. Here images of the number of the engine and the frame : Excuse me for a spell, but use google translator and because of this I may have made some errors ....
Titel: Re: BMW R 71 ......
Beitrag von: herculestom am 16 März 2015, 21:20:33

welcome in the club. I am sure that there are others having restored or running the same bike. So if you have questions, pls don't hesitate to post them in the forum. We'll try to help and come up with the right answers out of our own experience.

Titel: Re: BMW R 71 ......
Beitrag von: Илия am 17 März 2015, 07:41:47
Thank you for welcoming, but at the moment I'm trying to restore my BMW for which I would need parts. My request to you is to show me some websites that sell parts for older models of BMW motorcycles from where I can buy the necessary things. Thank you in advance.
Titel: Re: BMW R 71 ......
Beitrag von: herculestom am 20 März 2015, 17:49:13

parts supply might become a problem for an old machine like this. The best country to source parts will certainly be Germany. Many of the parts dealers are concentrating today on parts for /2 or /5 and younger. I found a few in the net, but can't say, if the quality of their parts is ok or not or if they deliver reliably. You'll certainly find something in eBay every now and then. One thing for sure. This exercise will take time. You should also keep in mind that many components can be reconditioned or repaired which will require a certain level of technical competence and tooling or a well-reputed workshop in your area. But I also know that you will probably find components beyond economical and technical repair which will have to be replaced. You should perhaps consider to buy a second cheap machine as a parts carrier.

I wish you good luck! I hope that some of the other colleagues will have more and better ideas.

Titel: Re: BMW R 71 ......
Beitrag von: Илия am 13 Juli 2015, 20:28:49
Can someone one of you help me know and tell me from where could I know the history of the motorcycle. Is it true that by the number of the chassis you can know who used the motorcycle?
Titel: Re: BMW R 71 ......
Beitrag von: rolf am 13 Juli 2015, 21:09:40
Here you can find parts:
directly at BMW mobile Tradition (the adress you must google)....they need the fram number and then they can tell you who was the first owner
Titel: Re: BMW R 71 ......
Beitrag von: Jolly Jester am 13 Juli 2015, 21:59:37
Hello Elijah


email to

Send him Engine and frame numbers.

He will most likely be able to tell you when it was built, and to which Military Unit it was sent.

Who actually was the rider will never be known.

some part are similar to the R 12

several 1000 were made.

Robert Freeman