Hallo from Greece

Begonnen von zygiatis, 17 Juni 2012, 19:43:46

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Hi everyone. I am Stelios from Greece. Your forum is a treasure of literature, infos and knowledge about BMW classics. Congratulations!
I own a BMW R51/3 ( the one in the fotos bellow) which is  finished restored and I would apriciate any infos or tips from you who are more expirienced than me!
Here are some questions for you.

1) What kind and how much oil I should put in my fully restored front fork with new fork dumpers (bought from Stemler).

2) What kind and how much engine oil shoul I use. I still have tha original oil pan.Note the higher weather temperatures in Greece. Engine number is 525365

3) What kind and how much oil i should use in the transmission and in the gearbox.

4) Which spark plugs would you recomend .I still use the original 6volt magneto and ignition system. I hear that NGK Iridium BR8HIX is recomended for better  results. Do you think is a good idea or should I avoid putting them.

I would also apriciate any info form my bike you can give me by the engine number (525365).

Any answers coming out of your knoledge and expirience are welcome!

Thank you in advance.
Best regards


Hello Stelios
... and welcome in the Forum! Your R51/3 is very nice and i like it.
My english is bad, so i take first the Google-translator for your text to translate in german, ok?
Than we will look for anwers,
regards Ralf

"Hallo allerseits. Ich bin Stelios aus Griechenland. Ihr Forum ist ein Schatz, der Literatur, Infos und Wissen über BMW Klassikern. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
Ich besitze eine BMW R51 / 3 (die in den Fotos unten), der fertig restauriert, und ich möchte Infos oder Tipps von euch, die mehr sind als meine Erfahrungen!
Hier sind einige Fragen an Sie.

1) Welche Art und wie viel Öl sollte ich in meinem vollständig restauriert Gabel mit neuer Gabel Dumper (gekauft von Stemler) setzen.

2) Welche Art und wie viel Motoröl soll ich benutze. Ich habe immer noch die original Öl pan. bedenkt die höheren Temperaturen Wetter in Griechenland. Motornummer ist 525365

3) Welche Art und wie viel Öl ich sollte in der Übertragung und im Getriebe verwenden.

4) Welche Zündkerzen würden Sie empfehlen. Ich benutze immer noch den ursprünglichen 6Volt magneto-und Zündsystem. Ich höre, dass NGK Iridium BR8HIX für bessere Ergebnisse wird empfohlen. Glauben Sie, dass es eine gute Idee oder sollte ich vermeiden, dass sie.

Ich würde auch Infos apriciate Form mein Bike Sie mich bei der Motor-Nummer (525365) geben kann.

Alle Antworten kommen aus Ihrem knoledge und expirience sind herzlich willkommen!

Vielen Dank im Voraus.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen


My English is not so good either, and I am dissapointed of myself that I didn't learn German when I was younger. Both my parents speak German very good, and I was born in Frankfurt, but came back to Greece when I was a baby. Anyway thanks for the responce!


Hallo to Greece ;D
1.(+2) do you know which dampers you have in your fork? there are 2 types..."modern" with konical "dampers"....they need forkoil....the old ones: motoroil
Forkoil....you will have to try out...SAE 15 is a good choice to start
Motoroil....the same as in your engine: SAE 40 (SAE 30 you don't need, is for colder times...I hope you don't need ist ;D
2. see above
3.Fortransmission : best is gear oil SAE 90 ...attention not younger than GL3....if not  obtainable...take motoroil SAE40
4. Sparkplugs: the "R" in your NGL means "entstört"....not good...try to get plugs without "R"...or normal Bosch W4AC...or if you ride "hot"...W3AC....you will try out...if you drive more calmly...the W3 will  get black...then take a W4....if this also gets black...drive faster or (not good choice) tkae W5AC....or W6AC

5. " would also apriciate any info form my bike you can give me by the engine number (525365)."

I don't understand what you want?



Hello Stelios,
1. 130 ccm per Side
2. 2 Ltr.
3. 0,8 Ltr.
For more Infos to your Bike look here:
and here:


Hallo again.
Thank you Ralf51 and rolf.
I really dont know what dumpers Stemler send me, I remember that I payed them 170 euro each one. You  can see them in the picture bellow. If it helps I can make a foto of my old ones That I keep in the basement and post it next time (they are the same type).  So far I use 10 hydravlic oil and I find it very very soft.
In the engine (which is with all new pistons bearings and sealrings, the rest parts were in very good condition) I use SAE 40. And for the gearbox and transmission I use SAE 90. I just ask you because I always like to know more opinions and I like to talk about and learn more things about the bike!
For sure I will change the fork oil with the thicker one.  Today the temperature went up to 38 degrees so you can imagine it is not good for oils, but generally I avoid riding the bike in these temperatures.

Spark plugs I use NGK BR8HS so far, they are ok, I was just wondering if with IRIDIUM spark plugs I have a better and more smooth running of the engine, thats all. But I will take your opinion for using  Bosch W5AC  or W6AC.

Now about infos according to the engine number, I mean if for example i could know which month and from which factory exactly it came out and if possible
( very difficult , i know )which was the first owner before my father bought it in Frankfurt in the mid sixties.
Thanks again , I will keep posting my expiriences with the old R51/3 and share opinions and discussions with you!


Hallo Stelios,
this are the "old" damper type....so use Motoroil....SAE 30 or 40...you have to try out what you like more.
Bosch or NGK....you can take what you want...I use NGK....but I only knew the Bosch specification (W4AC etc.)...for NGK you must search for yoursdelf at the internet....also for Iridium, they should be better than the normal bougies....try ist out...if you are happy with them....use them! but without R.... if possible.
For your last question...write an email to "mobile Tradition"....they will have all answers for you.


I would also apriciate any info form my bike you can give me by the engine number (525365).

Hello Stelios,

very nice Bike, indeed. Well done!
for this information write a mail to:

Sparkplugs: I actually use Bosch W4A2  for my 50/2

This signature is made of 100% recycled electrons


Hallo !
Thank you all for your answers.
I have send email to both INFO.GROUPARCHIV@BMWGROUP.COM and mobile Tradition and waiting for infos.
Today i am going to change the oil in the fork. I bought MOBIL SAE 30. I let you know!

P.S. To rolf: can you please be more spasific about the R in the spark plugs, and the reason I should avoid it, because I have not a good knowledge of these things?


"R" is for resistance....if you have also (!) a normal spark-plug-cup/cap (?Kerzenstecker?)...they have also (!!) resistance....so you have 2 resistance....each of them weakend the sparks (make it less powerful)....why resistance....it is for that the sparks of the bougir doesn't disturb radios (especially Cop-radio-transmitters ;D).

oha...das war mal wieder pidgin english vom feinsten.



OK. I use these ones, (my mechanic which by the way is German) doesn't like them. He says , on a German machine I should use German stuff  ;D.

Spark Plug Resistor Cover

High quality Ceramic Resistor - enhances protection against RFI
High Performance
Maximum heat resistance
Miximum voltage resistance
Long Durability

So I avoid the R , correct?

Today i changed the fork oil. Later i will have a test drive and write you the news.


High quality Ceramic Resistor ....you don't avoid the resistor, .....by the way ...I like the NGK....small, durable and cheap and the have have noot this ugly metalcover like the Bosch....this NGK has an resistor of 5 KOhm (=5000 Ohm)....you can measure it!
If you like you can grind the NGK away....and...if you like....put a BMW sign on it.


Good idea rolf, easy to do and nice when it is done!
By the way  the behavior of the fork  with the SAE30 oil in it is much better than before. Not perfect, but, we are talking about 1951 tecnology (maybe even earlier designed). The bad thing is that the temperature here is very very high this year  (38 to 40 ) every day so i cannot enjoy riding the bike alot, I dont want to give it a hard time. A little bit in the morning and a little bit in the evening. Not this evening, I have to watch football! ;)


This is the answer I got from the BMW Group archives. Not much but, at least i know when I can celebrate her birthday!!!

Dear Mr Vasilakis,

Thank you for your email.

The BMW R 51/3 VIN 525365 was manufactured on September 26th, 1951 in the BMW factory in Munich and delivered the same day to the BMW dealer Neumann in Herne (Germany).

Unfortunately there aren't any information about what happened with the bike after its delivery. So we don't know the owners.

We hope this information is helpful for you.

Yours sincerely,

Christina Hartung


You watch football?....then we will see us....I also will look football ;D


Sorry this time, I cannot wish you Good Luck, but you will not need it, you are much better team than Greece.
Anyway may the best or the luckier win.


 ;)...we will see...I hope for a good and fair play


Goodmorning. The game is history, you were much better. I wish you good luck from now on ang hope you win the EURO CUP!
Back to topic now.
What is your opinion about motorkote( https://www.motorkote.com/) oil aditive? Has anyone ever tried it? I think it is a good idea using it in both engine oil and in gearbox and conical pair transmission.


I don't like any additives..why-> my english is not good enough for explaining the reasons...short:it is better to change your oil sooner (and cheaper....and safer).

Glad to hear from you again after the match ;)....I was afraid ;) you have drunk too much after yesterday evening ;)


Zitat von: rolf am 23 Juni 2012, 08:17:20

Glad to hear from you again after the match ;)....I was afraid ;) you have drunk too much after yesterday evening ;)

Told you before, the result was not a surprise for me, I was expecting it. As for drinking a little bit, there is always a good reason for it!


Questions from me never come to an end.
Has anyone changed the original ignition with advance mechanism and points to an electronic ignition?
This is a project in my mind for this winter when i will not be driving the bike so much. Costs about 350 euros.
Your opinions please?


too expensive....not necessary....not to repair....and, and and


If you think about changing all the electric components to a newer system (12 Volt) think about a MZB System with 12 Volt, 150 Watt and ignition system.

I use that system in my R50/2 and it works fine.

Have a look to:





Actually this was in my mind in case I have any problems with the ignition. Advance unit, contacts and all those mechanisms (the orifinal) are also expensive if needed to be replaced. Thus they need ajustments often. The Bernd sugests is a good solution but very expensive for me, changing the bike to 12 volts is not in my mind yet. The one I put the picture is cheaper and looks nice the idea of replacing it without much trouble as it says and in a little time. But we will see.For now I just ordered from Ulis a new condensor and new points because I did not change them during the restoration and I have the idea they dont work very good.
I will let you know.


According to rolf's advice, I ordered from ebay a pair of NGK None Resistor Spark Plug Caps with low cost and I am waiting for them to change them.


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