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Hello again
Do you know how long should be the throttle cables on the r51/3?
How long the A ) wire and B)the cover?



o.k. you really want to hear it....
The answer is: it's a trial and error process. Prefabricated cables NEVER fit. Even if you fabricate it yourself exactly as the old one was, it doesn't fit (law No. 7 of BMW motocycle codex)
Just fit a long piece of sleeve  to where it runs, cut it at the appropriate length (maybe 1-2 cm longer than waht looks correct). Then push the wire through and cut it about 10 cm longer than the sleeve. Solder the nipple at the upper end (don't forget the small aluminium cup et the end of sleeve), fit it in the throttle handle.
Then fit the wire + cable at the carburetor side, throuhght the cover, spring anbd plunger, estimate the necessary distance of the lower nipple to the sleeve end so that the spring of plunger will be slightly compressed when nipple fixed. Solder the lower nipple to where you think it should be. and mmount the whole thing (nipple in place in plunger). Assemble carburetor.
The nipple will invariably be in the wrong place; either the plunger doesn't open all the way (wire too long -> unhook the wire, unsolder the nipple, push it up 1 cm or so, resolder it. If the plunger doesn't close (wire too short) shorten the sleeve...this is a spiral wire, so unwind a few windings,, cut the spiral wire, replace cup and see it it fits. Repeat procedure until it works.
Small corrections are possible with the hollow screw on plunger chamber cover, where cable enters
I have not found a better method...but I usually take a standard prefabricated throttle cable & wire (for BMW R50, 69, 51/3 - all ± the same), cut only one (the lower ) nipple and solder only this one; the sleeves are usually more or less correct in length. So I only have to adapt the lower nipple/sleeve
The only thing that matters is the distance between lower nipple and sleeve end. And for that there is no useful standard measure


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