Matching spare parts made in Russia/China

Begonnen von Michael Steinmann, 14 September 2021, 08:06:54

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Michael Steinmann

Guys, have you ever discussed the subject?
Is it possible to find here or online a list of foreign-made spare parts that will fit our BMW?
Or if a small adjustment is needed - with an explanation of what needs to be done?
I am talking about external parts but also internal ones for the engine/transmission etc.
Personally for example, I am looking for brake drums half hub, matching brake sandals and a fuel tank.
A friend is looking for rims and a front fender.
I see on eBay that there is also stuff that comes from India, personally I am a little apprehensive about trying it.
Thanks a lot in advance,


several years ago I bought some spare parts....but only simple, extern parts as a center bstand and so on....vey cheap
But I would NEVER buy technical parts....very bad quality
half hub has the wrong number of wouldnt compare with the original Kardan
fuel tank  you can take....but it looks different


Hi Michael,

there are three different sources for parts:
Russia/Ukraine - only parts for M72 can be used. Since 1959 out of series production.
China - lot of brand new parts at low prices can be used. The quality is very different and either top or scrap.
India - only shet metal parts and speedos avaliable. I don't have experience with theese parts yet.

Here are some parts which can be used for example in R51/3-68 from Russia without modification in sufficiant quality:

Rear suspension parts can be used - but they look different and the suspension pipe is the short one fits only up to R51/2.
Front fork parts are hard to find from old russian production brakes as well. Later models have parts with complete different dimensions.
Wheel and reardrive hub have 28 instead of 26 theeth and can be used if both sides are changed. But wheel hubs from russia are not avaliable.

China parts which can be uses without modifications - but look different

Best, Ulli


Michael Steinmann

Thank you both!
Really appreciate your time.
One of the items I really need in addition to what I said, is this:
Can anyone here confirm to me that the match is indeed complete? Anyone had such a component in his BMW? That would be great!
I am currently riding with the lower speed side-car ratio set.
The fact that it is made in Russia and not China is actually quite encouraging, isn't it? In terms of quality.


This part can be used - several BMW dealer have theese parts for sale.
The 37x8 from Russia is black. My experice is, that the black parts are of good quality.

When you install the read drive ste please not that the foreign parts have Gleason instead of Klingelnberg gearing.
So you have to put the color paste on the pinion and check the contact pattern on the ring gear.

Michael Steinmann

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