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Geschrieben von George am 31. März 2001 21:19:14:

Als Antwort auf: Re: chat geschrieben von Karl am 30. März 2001 21:38:18:

>Hi George,
>can you tell me, what isnt working? I just checked the forum and everything works fine.
>I Think, I know the problem you are talking abut:
>- everytime you visit the forum, no one is in there...?
>This is because of the visitors are in there at different times.
>We have to mark a day and a time, where we should meet in the forum and than really "CHAT" (we need more visitors for a good CHAT).
>May I ask you something, George?
>Where are you from?
>If you are from America, it could be the time-differenze between Europe and America. If you visit our forum at 8:00 o´clock in the evening, its maybe here in germany 3:00 o´clock in the morning. So that could be a problem...
>Best regards,