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this is my answer to a question in Huggetts site:
In Germany,in the 50", nearly no petrol was leaded.ARAL had only unleaded petrol until 62.There are so many opinions about that theme, I think it was only a kind of faith (by the way, how many cycles were killed these days by unleaded fuel? Not too much, because many of us has cycles of this time). I used,since it was available(about1980) only unleaded fuel for my R67/2sidecar+25/2.
I driving nearly 20000km every year to work + holidays with them.Driving slowly (this is the most common answer for using the old seats: "if you drive slowly you do not have to change your seats etc")isn"t possible in our days, it"s more a race (especially for that 12 hp cycle). I check my valveseats every year,no,really no, problems.
If you check your valveclearance every 1500 km (what you have to do, see drivers manual),you will see early enough if the clearance(inspite of my words) disappeared and so you have time enough to spent your money for unleaded valves etc..
Für die anderen:
witzig ist es schon, das jetzt sogar die , die sich vorher Bleifreiumbauten haben teuer (und überflüssigerweise)haben bezahlen lassen , umgeschwenkt sind. Ich habe früher endlose Diskussionen mit div. Händlern und Fahrern zu diesen Thema gehabt, ohne Erfolg.
ich kann mich noch sehr gut an die "bleifrei Vergaser"(=identisch mit original) erinnern die damals auch fleissig gekauft (bzw. verkauft) wurden.
Wie sagte schon der selige Hertweck:
"mit Dummen treibt man die Welt um"